Fiscal Sponsorships

The PineBelt Foundation’s mission is to maximize philanthropy and to support projects that are truly charitable.  Therefore, the PineBelt Foundation may choose to provide fiscal and project sponsorships for charitable projects that further the purpose and mission of the Foundation (because of our limited resources, we only allow a few per year).

Sponsorship services include the provision of non-profit 501(c)3 status to a project (making contributions tax-deductible), the receipting and managing of contributions, the authorization and payment of grants and expenses form the fund created for the project, and the over site of all marketing materials.

The primary beneficiaries of sponsorship services are typically new charities without 501(c)(3) status and community groups planning a specific or finite project that is clearly charitable in nature and in furtherance of the charitable purposes of the PineBelt Foundation.

Breast Cancer Awareness Team Fund

The Breast Cancer Awareness Team (BCAT) began in 1997 to increase community awareness in the Pine Belt area regarding breast cancer. BCAT is composed of professionals from Forrest General Hospital, Wesley Medical Center, Hattiesburg Clinic, Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative, the Deep South Network for Comprehensive Cancer Control, American Cancer Society, Genentech BioOncology, and other health care providers and community members. The Breast Cancer Awareness Team provides educational, outreach, and breast cancer awareness events to the PineBelt community and to provide assistance to partnering breast cancer organizations. Local outreach activities include “Tickle Me Pink,” a women’s pampering awareness event, and “Flowers of Hope,” a breast cancer survivorship celebration. BCAT’s events promote awareness, celebrate survivorship, and honor those in memoriam.

The Center for Encouraging Pastors Fund

Established by Dr. Argile Smith, The Center for Encouraging Pastors Fund encourages excellence in pastoral ministry through conferences, training opportunities, and resources for pastors. The Center for Encouraging Pastors endeavors to encourage a pastor to guard his personal walk with God, to prioritize his relationship with his family, to strengthen his relationship with his congregation, to excel in his pulpit ministry, and to grow as a worship leader. For more information about The Center for Encouraging Pastors, please visit

Dig A Well Fund

After hearing about the lack of clean and safe drinking water in developing nations and how far people walk in order to bring fresh water to their homes, Harrison St. John started the Dig A Well fund to bring fresh water closer to those who need it.

Disentangle AD Fund

The Disentangle AD Fund was set up as a fiscal sponsorship fund to help Pine Belt residents suffering with Alzheimer’s.

Extra Table Fund

Started by Robert St. John, Extra Table is a partnership with Sysco, The PineBelt Foundation and community supporters who supply mission food pantries with much-need food using a very simple order/delivery system. 100% of all food package donations go directly to mission partners. Restaurants and interested businesses can sponsor an “Extra Table Package” to help feed the hungry. For more information on this project, please visit[/learn_more]

Forrest -Perry County Adult Drug Court Fund

The Forrest- Perry County Adult Court Fund raises money for the Forrest- Perry County Drug and DUI Court which is a three year program designed to treat addiction and supervise the transition back into life free of criminal acts and drug and alcohol abuse. 

Friends of Hattiesburg Firemen

Friends of Hattiesburg Firemen was established to raise funds to benefit Hattiesburg Firemen by purchasing equipment such as portable oxygen masks and infrared cameras.

Gertrude McCarty Smith Fund for the Arts

Gertrude McCarty Smith Fund for the Arts was established to raise funds to bring access and passion for literature, performance and visual arts to children and communities throughout Mississippi.

In honor of its namesake, the Gertrude McCarty Smith Fund for the Arts continues the artist & poet’s lifetime work of encouraging everyone, young and old alike, to express their own unique creativity through arts programming and scholarships.  The Collins native produced 1,000+ paintings and hundreds of poems & newspaper columns in the News Commercial and Hattiesburg American, and garnered wide media attention and awards.  Though she left this Earth too soon, her creative spirit lives on and will be commemorated in two very special ways: “Kaleidoscope” – a retrospective book of her art and poetry is due out in 2018, and an arts fund was established to improve the quality of life in the Greater Pine Belt region by:

  1. Providing access to the arts for all ages including after school programs and summer camps
  2. Uniting communities with a common cultural experience for the good of the whole.
  3. Encouraging and promoting the artists and creative businesses within the communities.
  4. Facilitate formal training and career paths for artists to reach their highest potential.

Gertrude always believed that a passion for the arts had to be cultivated and nourished, much like the flowers grown in her gardens she would often paint.  Now the all-volunteer team behind this mission invite you to help grow the arts in the Pine Belt region. For more information, please email or call 310-498-7530.


Hattiesburg Stands for Flint

Hattiesburg Stands for Flint is an initiative that is striving to help the victims of Flint, Michigan.  Flint is a city of 100,000 citizens with 41.6% of the population living below the poverty line, over 15,000 children are sick with lead poisoning, and the citizens must live by water in bottles.  To rectify the situation, it will take an estimated $55 million or approximately $4,000 per household to repair the piping infrastructure of Flint.  Until the piping infrastructure is repaired, the citizens must use water bottles, which is causing an ecological problem due to the vast amounts of unrecycled plastic bottles. 

Heart of MS

Approximately every 25 seconds, an American will have a coronary event, and approximately every minute, someone will die of one.  In addition, Mississippi is ranked among the highest in the nation in the prevalence of cardiovascular disease.  The Heart of MS Fund was created to assit hardworking Mississippians who are working but uninsured or underprivileged by providing access for cardiovascular care.  This may include, but not limited to, cardiovascular procedures, medical equipment/devices, medications (on a limited basis) assistance/education about procuring more permanent health care options (Medicaid/Medicare) and also to provide education to Mississippians about cardiovascular disease in general.  The Heart of MS is helping to save lives. 

Kid Cash Foundation Fund

Started by Holleman St. John, the Kid Cash Fund gives area public school teachers and administrators discretionary funds to be used by under resourced students for direct expenses such as school supplies, uniforms, and field trips.

Lamar County Park Partners

Lamar County Park Partners fund will create more recreation spaces in Lamar County.  Their first project is a playground near Optimist Park.

Laughs 4 Life Fund

The purpose of the Laughs 4 Life Fund is to raise money to benefit the International Myeloma Foundation and the Forrest General Hospital Cancer Center. For more information visit: Laughs4Life Ad 

Neighbors Program Fund

The Neighbors Program Fund provides programming, scholarships, support personnel, and other community development efforts at Hawkins Elementary School and in the related community. Support for this fund is specified by the Neighbors Program Board or the Ekklesia Hattiesburg Leadership team. For more information about the Neighbors Program, please visit Tutors 9.19.13

Officer Benjamin J. Deen Police Needs Fund

Officer Benjamin J. Deen Police Needs Fund will assist the police department with needed equipment, training, and counseling for their safety. Benjamin J. Deen WEBSITE

Officers Deen and Tate Permanent Memorial

Officers Deen and Tate Permanent Memorial Fund will establish a permanent memorial to fallen Officers Benjamin J. Deen and Liquori Tate.

See Spot Run Dog Park, Inc.

See Spot Run Dog Park, Inc. is an initiative that is striving to create a dog park for Hattiesburg’s neighborhoods that will not only create a common space for dogs and their owners, but also increase livability for residents in the city. 

See Spot run. See Spot play. See our community come together.

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Speak Up, Hattiesburg!

Speak Up, Hattiesburg! is a community-built initiative to fund and preserve the traditions of Forensics at Hattiesburg High School.  Speak Up, Hattiesburg! was established to help ensure the longevity of a myriad of forensics activities at Hattiesburg High School, including Debate, Theatre, Mock Trial and Public Service.

Sumrall Development Foundation Fund

The Sumrall Development Fund is working to assist the government of the Town of Sumrall and the area’s industries and businesses with growth and development by identifying and solving problems within the community and to improve the educational opportunities and quality of life for all citizens. The Sumrall Development Foundation was established in March of 2010 in an effort to bring together citizens of Sumrall for the common purpose of improving our community. Sumrall is made up of a very diverse citizenry including people who have resided in Sumrall all of their lives and people who are new to the area. While embracing the history of the town, this group partners with individuals and businesses, allowing people to come together in a common spirit of community improvement.

Zachary Little Memorial Fund

Zachary Little was 11 years old when he passed away from cancer.  His loving parents opened The Zachary Little Memorial Fund to support organizations that help other children with cancer, and to help Sumrall High School in appreciation for their support of their son.  This fund will support St. Jude, Catch a Dream, Batson Children’s Hospital and Sumrall High School.

2016 Zachary Little Memorial Bike Ride & 5K Run Registration Form