Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), one of the most popular funds, are a convenient and flexible tool for individuals, families, businesses, or groups who want to be personally involved in recommending grants made possible by their fund.

Donors establishing a DAF are encouraged to make recommendations regarding distributions from the fund for specific charitable purposes or to one or more charitable organizations.  However, all distributions from a DAF are subject to the PineBelt Foundation’s variance power and spending policy.

The donor advised fund is a perfect vehicle for individuals who haven’t decided on a specific charity. You can set up a fund, get an immediate tax deduction for the gift (cash, stock, property), and postpone the decision regarding which nonprofit to give it to until they are ready.  Discover the benefits of Donor Advised and Donor Designated funds here.

Angel Heart Fund

Angel Heart Fund is a Donor Advised Fund that supports various non profit organizations at the discretion of the donor.

Anonymous Fund 6

Anonymous Fund 6  is a Donor Advised Fund.

Aubrey K. & Ella G. Lucas Donor Advised Fund

Established by Dr. and Mrs. Aubrey Lucas, the Aubrey K. & Ella G. Lucas Donor Advised Fund supports various nonprofit organizations at the discretions of the donors. Dr. Aubrey Lucas, past board president of the PineBelt Foundation, and his wife opened the fund in 2000 in order to help charitable organizations throughout the PineBelt.Aubrey Lucas

Big Al Jefferson Charitable Fund

Al Jefferson, an NBA player for the Charlotte Hornets, opened a Donor Advised Fund to support charitable organizations, schools, and churches in Jefferson Davis County and the Hattiesburg area. Al Jefferson grew up in Prentiss and played basketball for Prentiss High School before entering the NBA draft in 2004. He was the 15th pick and the first high school player drafted by the Boston Celtics. In 2007, he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves where he became the team’s leading scorer. In 2010, the Timberwolves traded him to the Utah Jazz.  In 2013,  Big Al signed a deal with the Charlotte Hornets.   Big Al desires to give back to his community and through his financial advisor he opened a Donor Advised Fund instead of creating a Private Foundation. Big Al Jefferson

Bob and Lee Wood-Hote Walthall County Enhancement Fund

Robert (Bob) J. Hote was born and raised in New Orleans. He was a veteran of World War II having served in the U.S. Navy.  He spent his career working offshore for Chevron which also enabled him to enjoy salt water fishing. In addition, Bob was an avid Saints and LSU fan.

Lee Ethel Wood was raised in the Kirklin community of Walthall County. Because of Southern tradition and having double names, she was often called Lee-ett.  Her father John Quincy Wood had 11 brothers and sisters and her mother Mary (Mollie) Ard Wood also had 11 siblings. Lee had 127 FIRST cousins and 13 brothers and sisters.

Family and heritage were important to both Bob and Lee.  Although their residence was in New Orleans they returned to “The Country” many times a year to be with friends and family. In their later years they became Uncle Bob and Aunt Lee to many.

This fund will help support various nonprofit organizations in Walthall County at the discretion of the donor.

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Bob and Lee Hote

The Center for Encouraging Pastors Endowment

The Center for Encouraging Pastors exists to encourage pastors to excellence in ministry. The Center’s purpose is to encourage, equip, and support new and seasoned pastors, both fulltime and bivocational, through educational opportunities and a variety of services and pastoral resources. The endowment supplies finances that encourage excellence in pastoral ministry through funding for conferences, training opportunities, and resources for pastors. For more information about The Center for Encouraging Pastors, please visit

Community Partners Fund

The Community Partners Fund is a Donor Advised Fund that supports various non -profits, churches, or schools.  

Donnell Family Fund

Linda Donnell discovered the ecumenical Christian Women’s Job Corps in 2001 and helped start a chapter to help PineBelt women climb out of poverty, but money has always been hard to come by. That’s why she and her husband Robert established the Donnell Family Fund through The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation to provide funding for the Christian Women’s Job Corps. The Christian Women’s Job Corps offers a 10 week educational program to help women learn life skills, including computer and parenting classes, money management and nutrition, and meal planning, as well as a Bible study. Many go on to get better-paying jobs or attend college.Donnell Family Fund

Don Suber Fund

Don Suber served as president of the Merchants Company for 20 years and retired after 50 years with the company. For his dedication and service, the Merchants Company established the Don Suber Fund in his honor. This fund supports various nonprofit organizations at the discretions of the donors. Past support has included educational and recreational activities for children and youth.

Giving Grace

It didn’t take long after Maggie Hanberry’s diagnosis with stage IV colorectal cancer, a one in a million diagnosis, for the Hanberry Family to feel the pull to channel energy and resources into a cause that would benefit Maggie and other children in difficult circumstances. Maggie was 15 years of age when diagnosed with cancer.

Compassion and concern move many to choose a ribbon and wear it.  “There is no shortage of worthy endeavors as we learned early,” said Melissa Hanberry, mother of Maggie.  “Our family has benefitted from the services of the Children’s Cancer Center at Batson’s Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House of Mississippi, Make-A-Wish among others. We began to prayerfully consider exactly which outlet would be the perfect fit. Our prayers were answered in an unusual way.”

When 12 year old, and fellow Temple Baptist Church member Gracie Deans heard about Maggie’s diagnosis, she was moved to do more than pray as her father asked her to do. She immediately thought of her “Giving Jar” and the money she had saved to help others. The Dean’s allowance system for their children includes three coffee cans labeled “give,” “save,” and “spend.”  When they get their allowance for doing chores, they give 10% to the “give” can and divide the rest between “save” and “spend.”

When Gracie heard Maggie had cancer, God put it on her heart to give something to help. She knew that she had $40 in her “spend” can. That Sunday she was planning to give the $40 to the Hanberry’s to help pay for Maggie’s treatment.  She brought the $40 along with her tithe in the “give” can. She gave her tithe to the church, and after the service she and her Dad found Phil Hanberry and gave him the $40.

The Hanberry’s were so touched by the sweet and generous gesture, that they decided that day that Gracie’s gift would do more than benefit Maggie. It would be multiplied and used to help other children.  In honor of Gracie and Maggie, the Giving Grace Fund was established at the Greater Pine Belt Community Foundation. “It seemed most fitting to choose two beneficiaries, one nearest to each girl’s heart,” said Phil Hanberry.

Gracie is no stranger to helping other kids. In addition to her “Giving Jar” money, she freely gives of her own possessions. She once saved her own money to buy a new dress only to give it to a girl living at Homes of Hope who told her how much she liked it. Because of Gracie’s interest in Homes for Hope, this organization will be one of the beneficiaries from the Giving Grace fund. Homes of Hope of Mississippi provides homes for boys and girls who are in need of a stable, loving environment.  They are located in Purvis, MS.

Maggie is undergoing treatment at the Children’s Cancer Center (3C) at Batson Children’s Hospital. The Center currently has 800 children in some phase of treatment (active or follow-up). Many are from low-income homes, while others have limited resources due to the enormous cost of fighting the particular disease afflicting them.  The 3C is the charity chosen by Maggie to benefit from the Giving Grace fund.

With Gracie providing the example and Maggie providing the inspiration, the Giving Grace fund is set to provide help to children in life threatening or life altering situations. Several people have already matched Gracie’s gift.Giving Grace check to Cancer Clinic

Giving Grace

The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation Endowment Fund

Supports the operating cost of The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation.

Guidroz Family Fund

Life-long philanthropist, Charles Guidroz, established the Guidroz Family Fund to benefit the DuBard School for Language Disorders at The University of Southern Mississippi and to help with other children’s needs. He and his son, Kevin Guidroz, opened the fund because of their compassion for those who have gone through the DuBard School. Charles Guidroz has auditory dyslexia. He did not realize he had this disorder until he was an adult. “My ultimate hope for the DuBard School is that there will be no child or instructor that does not meet their potential because of a shortage of funds – especially for learning,” said Guidroz. “I hope that I can add additional funds every year.” For more information about the DuBard School, please visit

Howards Alms Fund

The Howards Alms Fund was set up as a donor advised fund to support non-profits, churches and schools by the discretion of the donor.

J.G.W. Charitable Fund

The J.G.W. Charitable Fund was set up as a donor advised fund to support non-profits, churches and schools at the discretion of the donor.

J Lavon Smith Donor Advised Fund

James Lavon Smith and DeLois L. Smith, of the DeLois Smith All-Star Team, established the J Lavon Smith Donor Advised Fund in order to give back to the community. This fund supports various nonprofit organizations at the discretions of the donors. This fund has helped charitable causes such as Kindness Foundation International, which provides Bibles to students in Russia and the Ukraine.

Jones Companies Charitable Fund

Jones Companies has established the Jones Companies Endowment Fund to support various charitable organizations. “Jones Companies wants to give back to our community and we know through a donor advised fund that we have the flexibility to meet various community needs as they arise,” said Jonathan Jones, President and CEO of Jones Companies. The Jones Companies include Jones Lumber Company Inc.; Dixie Mat and Hardwood; Jones Environmental, LLC; Columbia Chip, L.P.; FiberVision Paper Stock, LLC; JB Transport, LLC; Woodland Transportation, LLC; and Jones Concrete.  

Joseph Mercier Catholic Education Fund

Father Mercier – Catholic Education Fund 

The Joseph Mercier – Catholic Education Fund supports Sacred Heart School in Hattiesburg, MS by providing financial assistance to students & funding for specific projects that benefit the students of Sacred Heart School.

About Joseph Mercier

Msgr. Joseph C. Mercier, a native of Hattiesburg, graduated from Sacred Heart High School in 1944. After two years in the US Navy, he began his seminary training for the priesthood at St. Joseph Seminary in St. Benedit, LA. After four years, he continued his training at the North American College in Rome, Italy & attended Philosophy & Theology classes at the Gregorian University. He was ordained a priest at the Church of the Twelve Apostles in Rome for the Diocese of Natchez on July 17, 1955. After returning to Mississippi in June 1956, he served as assistant pastor at St. Mary parish, Jackson; Sacred Heart parish, Pascagoula; St. John the Evangelist parish, Gulfport; & Sacred Heart parish, Dedeaux. He then served as pastor of Christ the King & Holy Family parishes in Jackson; Sacred Heart parish, Pascagoula; St. John the Evangelist parish, Gulfport; & Sacred Heart parish, Dedeaux. Msgr. Mercier also served the Catholic community in numerous roles during his 55 years as a priest. He has been involved in the education of Catholic youth as he taught in three Catholic high schools throughout Mississippi. Most of his assignments were parishes, which included Catholic schools. While he served at Sacred Heart parish in Hattiesburg, he also served the Catholic students at the University of Southern Mississippi as chaplain of the Newman Club on campus. He also served on the Diocesan Board of Consultors, Clergy Council, Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Personnel Board, Synodal Examiner, & Parish Priest Consultor. While at Sacred Heart parish, Dedeaux, he was the Priest Director of the Cursillo Movement of South Mississippi & Lay Retreats. Although now retired, his ministry with the Cursillo Movement of South Mississippi & his availability to help out at parishes while other priests go on vacation or retreats keep him active in the diocesan community. He also continues to be interested in the education of Catholic youth.

About Sacred Heart Catholic School

Sacred Heart Catholic School (SHCS) is one of the oldest existing schools in Hattiesburg & the largest school in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Biloxi. First opened in 1900, Sacred Heart Catholic School has been a cornerstone of the Catholic community as well as downtown Hattiesburg for over 110 years. The school educates over 700 students from preschool through twelfth grade.  Thanks to the generosity of generations of Sacred Heart Parishioners, who continue to value Catholic education, SHCS has continued to grow & expand over the years.  


If you would like to honor Monsignor Joseph Mercier, please consider giving to the Joseph Mercier – Catholic Education Fund & helping support the activities, students, & growth of Sacred Heart Catholic School.

Joseph Mercier 1

Leigh Anne Strong Fund

The Leigh Anne Strong Fund was set up as a donor advised fund to support non-profits, churches and schools at the discretion of the donor.

Rare Reverb Fund

The Rare Reverb Fund was set up as a donor advised fund to support non-profits, churches and school by the discretion of the donor.

Robert & Sandy Jackson, Sr. Donor Advised Fund

As Charter Partners of the PineBelt Foundation, Robert and Sandy Jackson, Sr. opened the Robert & Sandy Jackson, Sr. Donor Advised Fund which provides designated support for The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation’s operating budget. Robert Jackson, Sr. says, “I have seen the good that the organization can accomplish, and I am extremely interested in seeing it grow larger to help a greater number of people. My wife and I plan to add to the fund in our lifetime and also through our Last Will and Testament. I am also hoping that other people would follow suit and establish charitable funds with the PineBelt Foundation.”

Romano Family Fund

The Romano Family Fund will support various non-profits, churches and schools.

The Tally Ho Giving Fund

The Tally Ho Fund was set up as a donor advised fund to support non-profits, churches and school by the discretion of the donor.

Westminster Presbyterian Church Outreach Fund

Established through an initial donation by Pastor Steve Ramp, the Westminster Presbyterian Outreach Fund supports a number of different causes such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, United Way, and the Domestic Abuse Shelter and offers an opportunity for individuals and organizations to make an impact for a common good. Ramp started the Westminster Presbyterian Outreach Fund in hopes that others in the congregation and other churches in the community will “go and do likewise.” For more information about Westminster Presbyterian Church, please visit Ramp and Ed Langton

William F. & Rosalie B. Schoell, III Donor Advised Fund

When Bill and Rosalie Schoell moved to Hattiesburg in 1970 from New Orleans, they did not intend to stay in the Hub City, but eventually they came to love their adopted hometown. Their desire to do something that would leave a positive lasting impact on Hattiesburg led the Schoells to create the William F. and Rosalie B. Schoell, III Fund. The Schoells made an initial contribution to their fund and will continue to add to it over the coming years, eventually selecting a charity to receive the fund’s earnings on an annual basis. They will also add additional funds through their wills.

Zachary Little Memorial Endowment Fund

Zachary Little was 11 years old when he passed away from cancer.  His loving parents opened The Zachary Little Memorial Fund to support organizations that help other children with cancer, and to help Sumrall High School in appreciation for their support of their son.  This fund is a donor advised fund to support various non-profits as the discretion of the donor. Zachary Little