What the PineBelt Community Foundation Provides

Our Mission:  Building Better Communities Through Philanthropy. 

Since 1997, The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation has been connecting donors to community needs. It is part of our mission to help you and your clients achieve your charitable and financial goals. As a community foundation, we offer simple and significantly tax-advantaged alternatives to a private foundation, allowing donors to dedicate their gifts and time to perpetuating their values and impacting their community. Let us be your partner in philanthropy.

Your clients can give what they want, when they want and how they want. Through experts we work with, the PineBelt Foundation can accept a wide variety of asset types—from securities to personal property to life insurance policies—we can accommodate the most complex giving plans. Through a variety of fund types, your clients can give during their lifetime or through an estate gift.

Maximum Tax Benefits
As a public charity, a community foundation offers donors the maximum tax advantages allowed for charitable giving.

Efficiency and Personalized Services
The PineBelt Community Foundation reduces the legal paperwork, time and expenses that would be associated with running a private foundation. We can meet with you and your client, take care of charitable due diligence, and maintain tax records. Your clients can be as deeply or minimally involved as they like.

A Professionally Managed Portfolio
The PineBelt Foundation’s investment committee has selected Vanguard, one of the world’s largest investment management companies, to provide cost-effective and efficient management of PineBelt Foundation and its affiliated funds’ assets. These managers are reviewed quarterly to ensure high performance. This allows affiliated funds to fully focus on their mission of cultivating charitable giving for community improvement.

Endowed funds benefit the community in perpetuity and extend your client’s generosity to future generations.

Recognition or Anonymity
Your clients can enjoy lasting recognition by giving their family name a place in charitable giving. Unless otherwise instructed, we will list the named, permanent fund continually in our annual report, and all grants made from named funds are identified to recipients as coming from the donor’s fund.

However, if desired, the PineBelt Community Foundation can also protect your client’s anonymity.


To learn more about how a partnership with the PineBelt Community Foundation can meet your clients’ needs, please contact us at 601.583.6180.