Establish a Will

An Important Step in Planned Giving!  Establish Your Will…

A Will allows you to make choices regarding who will receive all the property you have accumulated during your lifetime. Without a Will, your assets will be distributed according to laws established by the State of Mississippi, without regard for personal wishes or the needs of loved ones. A Will allows you to make choices about how your family’s future security is provided. A properly drafted will allows you to make the choice of minimizing death taxes and other costs. When you establish your Will, consider including a charitable organization from your community as a beneficiary.

Making a Will is neither difficult nor expensive. If you do not currently have a Will, make an appointment with your attorney or professional advisor to plan your Will. If you do not have an attorney, ask a friend or relative to recommend one, call your local bar association, or call the PineBelt Foundation.

When crafting your Will, carefully consider those people and organizations that are important to you. Caring for family, friends, your community, and other institutions can be accomplished through your Will.

A revocable trust could be substituted as the main document to avoid the probating of a Will.


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