What is a Bequest?

Wills & Bequests

In a large national survey of those who reported they had included a charity in their Will, 43 percent were younger than 55 years old. Forty-nine is the average age at which a charitable bequest is first included in a Will or estate plan. A Will is much more than a legal document. It is an opportunity to responsibly provide for the security of your loved ones and it can be a lasting legacy of your commitment to your community.

If the client’s estate could potentially owe federal estate taxes, a detailed discussion with a professional advisor regarding ways to eliminate or reduce those taxes should ensue.

 For example:  A financial planner may ask two quick questions at the bottom of his customer’s financial statement forms:

“Do you have a Will?  Yes / No.”

             “If yes, when was it last updated? ______.”

A financial planner may ask these simple questions to lead to a good discussion about the value of estate planning and sometimes about local charitable giving ideas. Busy people put off making these important decisions.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is a section of your Will or living trust that directs a gift of personal property from your estate to a person, institution, church, school or charity of your choice after you die. It is often the simplest way for a donor to make a significant, lasting gift. Bequests may be used to provide gifts of money, stock, works of art, jewelry, etc.  Gifts of real estate could be devised to the beneficiary, or beneficiaries under a Will or trust.

After the needs of a spouse, children, and other loved ones have been addressed, many individuals find it satisfying to know that a portion of their resources will go toward a common good.

Many people like using Community Foundations as they can name several charitable organizations to manage their gift in perpetuity.


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