Donors & Giving

Why use a Community Foundation?

Advantages of a Community Foundation

Gifts given during your lifetime or as a bequest after you are gone not only benefit your favorite charitable causes forever, but also offer you distinct advantages. Here are some of the special benefits of creating a fund with the Community Foundation.

  • Flexibility:  We provide a wide spectrum of charitable options that match your interests and priorities. Education, Arts, Health Care and Human Services, Community Enhancement, Animal Welfare and the Environment are all within your charitable reach.
  • Recognition:  Funds established in the names of donors or loved ones forge permanent connections with the community. Or donors may request anonymity and be assured that their wishes will be respected.
  • Permanence:  We oversee donors’ funds in perpetuity, making sure that they are used exactly as intended. Endowed dreams enhance communities for generations to come.
  • Cost-Effectiveness:  Thanks to the pooling of numerous funds, donors benefit from economies of scale for investment and administration.
  • Tax Benefits:  The PineBelt Foundation is a public charity under Federal tax law; gifts made during a donor’s lifetime may result in important tax advantages. Bequests may be deductible for Federal Estate Tax purposes.
  • Professional Management:  In addition to an experienced staff, the Community Foundation’s assets are invested by some of the nation’s most outstanding financial management firms. Investments are overseen by a separate volunteer committee of the Board, chosen for their experience in financial management.

Other Reasons…

Individuals – The PineBelt Community Foundation is here to help you reach your charitable goals, whatever those might be.

  • Build a personalized philanthropic plan with assistance from our expert staff, who will work with you to carefully understand your charitable goals and interests.
  • Network with others with similar interests
  • Use the Community Foundation’s knowledge of our region and its nonprofits to enhance your giving
  • Choose to remain anonymous, if that suits your giving style – we can protect your privacy and deflect much unwanted solicitation.
  • Consider not only your lifetime giving, but your permanent legacy – it’s easier than you think to craft a plan that keeps your family’s name and legacy ongoing through future generations.

Families – Bring your family together around giving and pass along your philanthropic values to the next generation with a fund at the PineBelt Community Foundation We can:

  •  Help your family develop a mission statement and define charitable interests and goals
  • Develop a list of organizations and programs that match your family’s interests
  • Facilitate annual family meetings to consider grants from your fund
  • Support your personal development as philanthropists
  • Handle all back-office work and reporting

Businesses – Outsource the work of your corporate foundation or charitable program to the PineBelt Community Foundation; use a donor-advised fund to meet your goals without the administrative burden on your staff.

  • Create a charitable program consistent with your business goals
  • Involve staff as much or as little as you like in decisions about your charitable program
  • Leave all the back-office work and reporting to the PineBelt Community Foundation


For a confidential consultation about a giving program to fit your needs, contact Theresa Erickson, Executive Director at or phone 601.583.6180.