Fiscal Sponsorships

The PineBelt Foundation’s mission is to maximize philanthropy and to support projects that are truly charitable. Therefore, the PineBelt Foundation may choose to provide fiscal and project sponsorships for charitable projects that further the purpose and mission of the Foundation.

Sponsorship services include the provision of non-profit status to a project (making contributions tax-deductible), the receipting and managing of contributions, and the authorization and payment of grants and expenses form the fund created for the project.

The primary beneficiaries of sponsorship services are typically new charities without 501(c)(3) status and community groups planning a specific or finite project that is clearly charitable in nature and in furtherance of the charitable purposes of the PineBelt Foundation.

Procedures: The PineBelt Foundation has adopted the following guidelines which are designed to protect the interest(s) of donors and the PineBelt Foundation.

The PineBelt Foundation reserves the right to either accept or decline any fund.

It also reserves the right to close a fund. The PineBelt Foundation will consider each situation individually. 

Please click here for our Fiscal Sponsorship Policy, Guidelines and Application. 

Note:  The PineBelt Foundation requires a description of the project, its purpose, goals, expected duration, fundraising plan, list of advisory group members, current and future budgets and, if available, bylaws.  Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss their projects with the PineBelt Foundation staff prior to submittal.  

The staff and the Funds Acceptance Committee of the PineBelt Foundation will review all applications (all Funds must be approved by this committee). All projects must further the charitable mission of the PineBelt Foundation.  

Fee:  the greater of $500 annually or 2%-10% of gifts depending on the complexity and other costs incurred.  Additional fees may be requested for extraordinary services or expenses.