Making A Difference

The PineBelt Foundation Community Foundation makes a difference in the Pine Belt region. Since 1997, the PineBelt Foundation has disbursed more than $10 million to the Pine Belt region! 

Our grants build the capacity of our nonprofit sector, increase opportunities for the people of the Pine Belt region, and strengthen the infrastructure of our community.

Each grant has a story behind it, and a purpose of the donor whose generosity made it possible. Collectively, these grants reflect the philanthropy of the many diverse communities that comprise the Pine Belt area.   More importantly, gifts to the PineBelt Foundation stay in our community. They are prudently invested and professionally administered according to donors’ wishes and with growth over time, these funds can build permanent legacies for our donors, becoming a perpetual source of funds for the Pine Belt’s changing needs.  In addition, these gifts are tax deductible, subject, of course, to IRS regulations.

The PineBelt Foundation manages more than 80 Funds which support nonprofit organizations and charitable causes;  and, because we exist to serve donors with their charitable giving, we keep our administrative fees low. The following links list our recent program support:

2016 Program Support

2015 Program Support

2014 Program Support