Why An Endowment?

Why An Endowment?

What is an Endowment?  It is a permanent fund that is set up for a non-profit organization, church or school.   A portion of the income is disbursed each year to the organization of the donor’s choice.  This type of gift helps establish stable, predictable sources of income for the organization.


#1  Endowments are forever. Your charitable wishes will always be honored and the causes you care most about will be supported in perpetuity. You will establish a permanent grant-making presence in the Pine Belt region, creating a named legacy for yourself, a loved one, your business, or in honor of a special occasion.

#2  If you choose, principal of your endowed fund will never be used, and thus will continue to grow over time.

#3 Funds placed in the PineBelt Foundation’s endowed pool earn higher rates of return because they are invested for the long-term. The result is more money available for grant-making from your endowed fund.

#4  An endowed fund cements a lasting relationship between you and the PineBelt Foundation. An organizational endowment will benefit the nonprofit organization with permanence, visibility, and goodwill in the community.

#5  Grants made from your fund continue to affect a positive impact on evolving community needs; ensuring your charitable wishes are preserved in perpetuity.

#6  You can have as much of an active role as you desire in the allocation of grant funds. The PineBelt Foundation’s professional staff is eager to make your decisions easy and effective.

#7  Your endowed fund can be a family affair. Different generations can work together to suggest ongoing uses for your fund, including older and younger generations in local philanthropy. Inter-generational giving is a powerful force in our community and sets an important example of caring and support.

Every day we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. 

When we provide support for the arts, education, human services, animal welfare, medical services and other worthwhile areas, we enhance our community.

You can set up an Endowment for your favorite nonprofit organization, church or school. 

In addition, the PineBelt Community Foundation has an endowment that supports our operating budget.  Since 1997 the PineBelt Community Foundation has become a leading force in shaping the future of our community.  Thanks to dedicated donors, community leaders and charitable organizations, we have disbursed more than $3 million in grants since our inception — all to non-profit organizations, churches, schools and for other community enhancement projects.  The PineBelt Foundation’s Endowment assures our future by yielding the income required to sustain and expand operations. 

For more information please contact us at contact@PineBeltFoundation.org or call 601.583.6180.