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Professional Advisors

Why should my client establish a named fund at The PineBelt Community Foundation?

The PineBelt Community Foundation can help you, and your clients, accomplish personal philanthropic and estate planning objectives in a cost-effective fashion. While our primary mission is charitable endowments, there is no limit to the type of charitable goal that can be accomplished through the PineBelt Community Foundation.

We have the local knowledge and expertise to best serve your clients philanthropic interests. You have the skills and knowledge to best serve your clients’ financial and legal interests. It’s a perfect partnership.

Whether you need a “silent partner” to provide behind-the-scenes consultation or an active participant with your client, we can tailor our support to your needs and those of your client.

Making a Gift

You and your clients can make a gift to the PineBelt Community Foundation at any time – at once or over the course of several years. The PineBelt Community Foundation can accept gifts of almost any kind, including:

  • Cash
  • Marketable securities, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Restricted stock and IPOs
  • Real estate, mortgages and notes
  • Closely-held businesses, including partnerships and limited liability company interests
  • Qualified intellectual property
  • Life insurance policies


For more information please contact Theresa Erickson, Executive Director at or call 601.583.6180.