Donor Forms

What is a Fund Agreement?

Regardless of what type of Fund you open at the PineBelt Community Foundation, you will sign a Fund Agreement describing the conditions and requirements of both you (as the donor) and the Foundation. At the time you open a Fund, you will provide the Foundation with:

  • information on the type of Fund you wish to establish,
  • contact information for the signatory(ies) of the Fund,
  • the name of the Fund,
  • the purpose of the Fund, and
  • the nature and amount of the contribution that opens the Fund.

The name of the Fund and the signatories may change over time, as can the purpose. These changes must be approved by the Foundation.

Donors may choose from several different types of funds managed by the PineBelt Foundation.  You may name a fund yourself, in memory of another person or for the purpose the fund is to serve.  Grants will be made to serve the community in accordance with the signed fund agreement.

Remember, the more specific you are in providing details of how you want your Fund to be administered (such as specific organizations you want to receive grants over the years), the better the Foundation can carry out your wishes.

To download the PineBelt Foundation’s Fund Agreement, please click here (GPCF Fund Agreement).  (This is for the following Funds:  Donor Advised, Donor Designated, Field of Interest, Organizational, and Scholarships):

The PineBelt Foundation recognizes the importance, beyond its role as a grantmaker, of foundation involvement in and support of community initiatives and other charitable endeavors.  The PineBelt Foundation may choose to provide a Fiscal Sponsorship for charitable projects that further the purpose and mission of the Foundation.  The purpose of the PineBelt Foundation, as set forth in the articles of incorporation, is exclusively charitable, scientific, literary, educational, cultural, religious and civic.  Sponsorship services include the capacity for the project of another entity to receive tax-deductible contributions.  Sponsorship services do not include extensive administrative, fundraising or financial support.  To read more about Fiscal Sponsorships, please review our Fiscal Sponsorship Policy, Agreement, and Application. Fiscal Sponsorship Policy; Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement; and Fiscal Sponsorship Application

Since it is always desirable to have a face-to-face opportunity to discuss your philanthropic objectives, please contact us at 601.583.6180 for an appointment.