Beneficiary Designations

Invest in Your Community by making a significant gift with a beneficiary designation. 

Many financial contracts are transferred upon death using a beneficiary designation. Examples include life insurance, annuities, retirement plans, mutual funds and bank accounts. 

For many people the use of a beneficiary designation is a low cost and comfortable way to make a charitable gift that does not change their lifestyle today. This type of gift allows the donor to maintain control of the asset during their lifetime and gift the asset when the asset is no longer needed.

If you don’t have liquid assets right now but want to support a favorite charity, a gift of life insurance may be a good option. As long as you retain ownership of the policy, there is no charitable deduction for the value of the policy when you designate PineBelt Foundation as the beneficiary or for subsequent insurance premiums that you might pay. You retain access to the cash value of the policy, and the right to change the beneficiary designation. Proceeds payable to the PineBelt Foundation at your death, however, will not be subject to federal estate taxes.