Advantages of Having a Fund

Why Invest Your Charitable Dollars with Your Community Foundation?

Advantages of Having a Fund with Us

  1. Consolidated investment management provides a better return with lower administrative costs through economies of scale.  You increase your income with fewer hassles.
  2. Donors receive assurance that their money will be managed in perpetuity even if your agency ceases to exist.  you may gain new donors NOW.
  3. Agencies receive an exemption from filing a tax return or reporting on this fund since the fund’s financial transactions are consolidated with those of other funds on PineBelt Foundation’s Form 990.
  4. Agencies receive access to donors who structure all their gifting through one source, the PineBelt Foundation, and who can name your agency as a partial beneficiary of their philanthropy.
  5. The PineBelt Foundation has access to the legal staff at the Council on Foundations and our own community legal experts for assistance when structuring complex gifts.  In addition, these experts keep us current on new tax implications for charitable gifts.
  6. The PineBelt Foundation’s Board of Trustees, working in conjunction with its Investment Committee, has fiduciary oversight of the management and reporting of the endowment.
  7. Speed and convenience for donors. This can be especially important for year-end contributions and situations when stock or real estate is in the process of being sold and time is of the essence.
  8. Access to pro bono professional advisors, attorneys and accountants who have special expertise on recommendations for structuring charitable gifts for prospective donors as well as for the agency staff and board.
  9. Our trusted, experienced management team inspires confidence with potential donors.  You save time and money by not hiring an endowment specialist.


For more information please contact your Professional Advisor or us at or call 601.583.6180