Fund Fees

PineBelt Foundation management fees are kept low to help you serve your community!

The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation’s mission is to build better communities through philanthropy.  To honor our charitable purpose, our objective is to keep operating expenses at a moderate level while providing high quality services to our donors and charitable organizations. Funds from our Partners of the Foundation program and administrative fees allow us to fulfill our mission.  So, thank you for choosing to partner with us.

The services your fund receives as a result of our partnership include:  

  • Set up of financial records
  • Professional independent audit of the fund
  • Periodic financial reports generated (you may call anytime to get the balance of your Fund).
  • Filing of annual state and federal reports
  • Professional investment services for endowed funds
  • Professional correspondence for all transactions (receipt writing for all donations)
  • Checks written and deposits made
  • Maintenance of all files
  • Accounting services for the fund
  • Review of all fundraising materials
  • Administrative services
  • Staff time associated with the above services

It only takes $1,000 to open an endowed fund at the PineBelt Foundation. Then, we ask for a commitment to build the fund to $10,000 within a 10 year period – this is only $83.33 a month to create an endowment. The annual fee for an endowed fund is 1% of asset value (with a minimum of $100 a year).  Spenddown funds are also 1% with a minimum of $250 per year).

The fee for a Fiscal Sponsorship is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the anticipated level of effort required to service the fund.

The PineBelt Foundation is responsible for all administrative aspects of this fund, including grants verification and contribution processing, generation of fund statements, annual audit, filing the annual IRS Form 990 and other philanthropic services. Our administrative fee is very competitive with commercial gift funds and private foundations. The PineBelt Foundation reserves the right to modify this fee, should administration of the fund prove to be more time-consuming than anticipated.

Please know that the fees are used to support the PineBelt Foundation.  So we thank you for your partnership – this is your investment in a public foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in our region.

Please click here for a flier outlining our Fee Structure.  The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation Fees.


For more information please contact your Professional Advisor or us at or call 601.583.6180