Fund Types

We offer great flexibility in charitable giving.  

The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation provides extensive donor flexibility in establishing funds and designating charitable beneficiaries. Funds can be named for the donor, in memory of others, or for a designated fund purpose such as a specific charitable organization.

Our endowed funds are invested in a pool of over $2 million philanthropic dollars, allowing us to leverage greater return for our community’s resources.

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Donor-Advised Funds – Your clients may be interested in the flexibility of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF).  DAFs are a convenient and flexible tool for individuals, families, businesses, or groups who want to be personally involved in recommending grants, for specific charitable purposes, made possible by their fund. A DAF is a perfect vehicle for individuals who haven’t decided on a specific charity. Donors set up the fund, get a tax deduction during the year the gift was made, to the extent the law allows, and postpone the decision regarding which nonprofit to give it to until they are ready.

Note:  All distributions from a DAF are subject to the PineBelt Foundation’s variance power and spending policy.

Private foundations can choose to change their legal status and become an affiliated fund of the PineBelt Community Foundation via a Donor Advised Fund. By doing so, they often become more time and cost-efficient.

Donor-Designated Funds – Donors establishing a Designated Fund in their name may recommend, at the time the fund is established, that distributions from the fund be made to one or more Section 501(c)(3) public charities (i.e., not private foundations).

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Field of Interest Funds – Your clients may be interested in setting up a Field of Interest Fund.  With this type of Fund, your client identifies an area(s) of charitable interest (e.g. arts, health, environment, education, animal welfare, etc.); this can be very broad or narrow.  Once they decide on a charitable interest(s), the PineBelt Foundation evaluates organizations that do the best work in the interest area and then makes grants to the organization(s) that best fits the intention of the donor.

Organizational Funds – Non-profit organizations give to our community through the services they provide.  Organizational Endowments help ensure the long-term stability of such organizations.  Unless otherwise specified, an Organizational Fund is a long term fund held and managed by the PineBelt Foundation on behalf of a nonprofit organization.  The nonprofit organization receives annual distributions as defined in the agreement.  The fund is owned by the PineBelt Foundation on behalf of the nonprofit agency.

Scholarship Funds  – Donors may establish a Scholarship Fund for the purpose of making grants to individuals to be used exclusively for tuition and fees at educational institutions consistent with the PineBelt Foundation’s “Scholarship Guidelines and Procedures.” All grants are paid to the qualifying institution.

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Friends of the Community Fund  – Your clients may wish to make a gift to the Friends of the Community Fund, which broadly supports the well-being and vitality of the Pine Belt area.  With this type of gift, your clients place their trust in the Board of Directors to determine where grant money is needed the most. Grants made from these funds are accompanied by a letter identifying the name of the Fund(s) used to support the grant.

Partners of The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation – Your clients may wish to become a Partner of the PineBelt Foundation.   Funding through this program is critically important in helping the PineBelt Foundation to fulfill its mission. Please click here for a Partner Brochure.

The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation Endowment Fund – Your clients may wish to support the operations of their local community foundation.  This endowment was established to provide a perpetual and reliable source of income to support the on-going operations of the organization.

Legacy Society

If your client leaves us in their Will, we will automatically list this on our Legacy Society Page.  The Legacy Society at the PineBelt Foundation honors those who have chosen to make a planned gift to their community foundation through their estate plan. That is the sole criterion for membership in the Legacy Society. You can use your gift to honor the name of your family or loved ones, or you may choose to be anonymous. Your planned gift puts you in good company today. Later, your gift will do good works in our communities for generations to come.

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