Opening a Fund

Here’s how you can help your clients with their charitable giving. 

Open A Fund – it’s EASY! Click here for instructions on starting a Fund  (please share with your client)!

When: Does your client want to give an outright gift to benefit their favorite nonprofit, church or school now or does your client want to establish a planned gift that will provide an income for their favorite nonprofit, church or school in the future?

  • Remember, tax deductions are earned at the time of the gift, while grantmaking continues well into the future.
  • If your client is interested in opening a fund now, please contact us at 601.583.6180.
  • If you client is interested in leaving a gift in the future or after their death, please review our Succession Plan Questionnaire

What to Give:  Almost any kind of asset, including cash, charitable bequests, memorial gifts, living trusts, insurance beneficiary designations, real estate, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, retirement assets, stock, etc. can be used to start a fund. Choosing an asset may depend on the tax advantages associated with your client. Sometimes the asset will be sold immediately to create a fund while other times it may be more advantageous for your client to create a trust or annuity from which they receive income before the remainder is used to start a fund.

There are multiple types of charitable funds to choose from that reflect different charitable goals and interests.

Who: Most funds are named for the donor or the donor’s family, or as a memorial or tribute to someone special. Every grant made from the fund will bear the name of the fund once it is established. If your client prefers anonymity, we can provide that as well.

How: It generally takes less than a day to establish a fund. It begins with filling out a Fund Agreement (Fund Agreement Addenda ).  The PineBelt Foundation staff is ready to work with you and your client to outline options and discuss the advantages of the types of Funds and how to leave a legacy.

Note:  All funds must be accepted by the PineBelt Foundation’s Fund Acceptance Committee.


To learn more about how a partnership with the PineBelt Community Foundation can meet your clients’ needs, please contact us at 601.583.6180.